Our thanks are extended to Alla & Meghann Bradley of Taronga Bay Kennels for consistently presenting our dogs so beautifully and giving them such wonderful care when they are on the road together.

  We are located in the suburbs of north Florida, surrounded by rolling hills and canopy roads. Our dogs live in our home and are much loved members of our family. We have two teenage sons who benefit from the opportunity to earn extra money by bathing and grooming dogs. We enjoy showing our dogs and will occasionally have a litter of puppies. Our breeding program is very limited and we place a strong emphasis on the careful selection and health screening of both the dam and the sire. We breed for type, temperament, movement, health and overall vitality.

  Our puppies grow up in our kitchen and family room, which are separated from the rest of the house. We recommend that all adoptive families register for puppy manners classes to continue proper training and socialization.

  The word “Applelou” was coined by my niece Savanah when she was three years old. No one knows where she came up with it, but its meaning was never questioned. One evening as the sun was setting on the beach, I watched as she heaved a great sigh of contentment. She nuzzled her face under her mother’s chin as she slowly and dreamily whispered the word, “Applelou” as if to say, “Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

  I can think of no better word to describe our life with cresteds. Their silly antics and loving spirits bring us endless hours of laughter and enjoyment.

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Cash Chilli Buster
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